Is your transformation painful?

If you are birthing a business, you’ve probably found that aspects of the transformation you’re going through are painful.I get it. My business and my transformation have left me sobbing many times. You’re giving birth. You can’t get the “baby out” without labor pains, contractions, and learning a new way of life in order to take care of this new being. You probably know I was going through a painful divorce when I started my business. I left a marriage that was safe, secure and inside my comfort zone, but not supporting me to become my best self. Leaving Eric was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. The wailing sobs that came out of my body at times were prehistoric. And then, … Continue reading

Your Most Essential Marketing Tool

In a time where “internet overload” boggles our brains, there exists a simple marketing tool that will bring your divine right clients to you every time. It doesn’t require highly complex SEO optimization or advanced HTML code… and the best thing? It’s totally free. It’s your story. That’s right, a life story chosen from your experiences, told with vulnerability and credibility is the best tool you have for attracting your ideal clients. Here’s the thing… content tells but stories sell. Your story is the thing that will cut through to the hearts of your potential clients, and beckon them to invest in themselves through your program or services. How do you decide what story to tell? Here’s how I do it… consider the biggest fear … Continue reading

What to do when a client complains

If you serve clients LONG enough and serve ENOUGH clients, you WILL stumble upon an unhappy or complaining client. You can’t please everyone. And, I’ll never forget when it first happened to me several years ago. I lost sleep, got sick to my stomach, and almost quit coaching over a client who blamed me for what was going wrong in her life. Finally, I called a friend in panic, “What do I do?” I asked her. She shared a couple of tips that led me to having a huge breakthrough with this client that changed both of our lives and upleveled my coaching forever, and I want to share them with you. And at the end, I’ll tell you what happened with my very angry … Continue reading

3 Ways to Make More Money While Making A Difference

3 Ways to Make More Money While Making A Difference You are going to love this.  I stayed up late the other night to pull 3 strategies out of our upcoming Women’s Leadership Summit Content to share, because if you’re not doing them you’re definitely leaving money on the table, but more importantly clients who are looking for you can’t find you, and that’s what really makes me sad. Quickly click on the video below and watch it now. Don’t forget to leave me a comment on what you think after you watch the video training. Ok – click the video below.. And be prepared to gain CLARITY on INCOME producing activities! Several of my clients used the 2nd tool I lay out in the … Continue reading

Sage Secret to New Year’s Business Resolutions


Heya Sage here. I just made this video at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California just before a soak in the hot springs hanging out over the ocean cliff… in it I share the biggest mindset secret to creating New Year’s Resolutions for your business that STICK, that pull you toward clients and income… and you’ll discover why most New Year’s Resolutions never come to fruition. Let’s make this New Year the best ever for our businesses, shall we Goddess? I’m with you, it takes courage and with these mindset tools you’ll be able to continue to ROCK IT OUT! Be sure to post your revised 2014 New Year Business Goal below in the comments section NOW so we can support you. We’re giving out … Continue reading

A Little Christmas Business Story

Did you know that Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday based on – winter’s darkest day – the Solstice? I had a boyfriend in college who used to sing me the “Christians and the Pagans” song by Dar Williams on his guitar.  I love the sentiment of that song – that at the holiday it’s really about people coming together regardless of belief system. His name was Jeremy and he sung it to me with a low, growly, sexy voice… and around that time he introduced me to several of my girlfriends who introduced me to Vision Questing and wilderness medicine. I am so grateful for that, because I can attribute the speed at which I’ve grown my company to the natural principles I learned … Continue reading

3 Keys to Find your Client Gift

A few days ago I was running along the ocean in Santa Cruz with my friend Rachel Abrahms, brainstorming business visions and gabbing as girls about what inspires us in giving our message for the world. If you’re like me you don’t always get ignited clarity by sitting around and meditating. During this yin feminine time of the year, you’ll find me meditating for sure – but I get my best ideas when I’m moving through the world, often exercising and especially when I’m jogging or walking with a good friend. If you haven’t already implemented my masterminding walks/jogs in your schedule with another inspired being in your world, I highly recommend it.  You’ll hear more about my formula for masterminding walks / jogs next … Continue reading

Get Paid without “Working Hard” – From Bali


If you’re like me, making a difference in someone’s life is what feels better than almost anything else. (Sometimes even sex! Not always though ). Making money is great, and crucial… but what feels best is to know you really helped someone, and made a life truly better.  Because money is just paper… If you’re like me, what you really want is the freedom to live a great life and be of service doing something you love. I had a life changing experience leading my Bali retreat that reminded me what it really means to “work hard.” The thing about “hard work” is that you have to redefine “work” for yourself… if you want to truly make a difference doing something you love.  You’re going … Continue reading

My Naked Bali Business Magic

I get so inspired on planes. It’s like being suspended in a world between worlds. I always get insight into the magic of my life. I’d like to share a recent magical moment with you. Imagine that your business was built on you following the truth of your soul, step-by-step. Not over thinking, not obsessing…just following your own inner magic. My most recent mind-blowing magic occurred on my journey from Bali to Burning Man and back to Bali again. As I write this, I’m on the plane heading back to Bali to lead my second entrepreneurial and JV retreat with my dear friend and co-leader Heather Houston, International Choir Director. I had dreamt for years of leading a retreat in Bali. My vision for my … Continue reading

Sage advice for growing your tribe of followers


I used to be terrified to send emails to you through my database.  Sometimes I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I consider what I actually want to say to you.  There are over 25,000 of you now, and growing all the time. It’s easier for me to lead a workshop where I actually see you in person.  The online thing has stretched me.  Yet, it has brought a freedom and abundance to my life that I wish for you, if you want that. Now I can work from anywhere and set my own hours, and there’s no limit to how much money I can make (scary!)  I go where I want, when I want, with whom I want… which I believe is true … Continue reading