(Video Hawaii #4: What to do when you’re “Coming DOWN”)

If you LOVE travelling and going to transformational workshops… it’s essential to know how to integrate those experiences into your business when you get home. Let’s face it, after we expand… there’s always a “COME DOWN”. Here’s 3 Keys to COME DOWN gracefully … And Integrate your Expansion for Greater IMPACT (& INCOME) Please forgive […]

Hawaii #3: Getting OFF the Adrenaline

Relying on Adrenaline to RUN you in your business will take its toll in the long term. Over the last few years – I’ve seen the MOST SUCCESSFUL, CONSCIOUS, LOVING and PRESENT Entrepreneurs are NOT relying on adrenaline… So Goddess, here are a few of my BEST TOOLS to get you off of adrenaline so […]

Hawaii VIDEO #2: OMG Dolphins

I could pinch myself! When I first visited this island 13 years ago I was broke and confused, I never could have imagined being here celebrating the growth of my company with this incredible team… This morning, we swam with Spinner Dolphins in the wild. They are MAGIC! Here’s what we learned from them about […]

Hawaii RAW Video #1

I’m on the big island celebrating completion of my manuscript… Women Rocking Business. One of the subjects I tackle in the book is how to get our needs met as Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders… with SUCH full lives! Here is a link to check out Video #1 in my 5-part Hawaii RAW video series: Although […]

Video: Starting a Business in the BOONIES

I just returned from about 10 days at my lakeside cabin in northern Minnesota … Can you believe I started my business from this cabin deep in the north woods? Here’s the story & a tip for getting started from WHEREVER you currently are in your business… My grandpa was an entrepreneur- and he built […]

(Video) Why you need CONTROL in your business

If you’re like me there’s days that you don’t want to have to be IN CONTROL! You would rather be finding the FLOW… (Not wearing the pants). But, you MUST learn to exert control on your business in small ways, that will result in you having success… Here’s one of my fave stories to illustrate […]

(Video) Cure for OVERWHELM

Overwhelm is REAL, and it’s an enemy for any entrepreneur. And there’s only 1 person who can prevent it from taking you OUT OF THE GAME… That person is you. Here’s my FAVORITE cure for OVERWHELM Hope you dig this – and I hope it helps you make a lot of money & help a […]

(Video) LIVE from Ghost Ranch

I’m here in New Mexico with A group called the evolutionary leaders… I just discovered a secret to making decisions in our business when things get intense and overwhelming. Thank you Gregg Braden for this tip: Please let me know below how this tool supported one of your decisions along the path of helping more […]

Solstice ROCKED our Spiritual Wealth RETREAT

I’m not super “woo-woo”… but I have to admit that doing our first client retreat of the year on Solstice was a smart decision. We LIVESTREAMED the first 12 minutes of the event – these women were OFF THE HOOK, we dove into the topic of SPIRITUAL WEALTH for ENTREPRENEURS… I shared several TIPS for […]

(VIDEO) Are you SICK of the COMPUTER?

Are you sick & tired of the computer? I get it. I just got back from a conference in Colorado with a bunch of multi-millionaires who LOVE to geek out on business… SOMETIMES my gremlins scream: “I don’t want to build this business if I have to be on the computer so much… I’m NOT […]