An Embarrassing Moment during my Launch

We launched a brand new program last week, our Events that Change Lives Program for workshop leaders (What a JOY!)… AND it was so hectic in the middle of rolling out all the videos and webinars, that I threw up. <Embarrassing> There’s always a GIFT in body breakdown… and the first gift was that we’ve […]

I’m on my way to Joshua Tree…

Happy New Year! I hope you had a really sweet holiday and that you didn’t overeat as much as I did. ☺ The New Year is upon us and it’s really an exciting time to set intentions. I’m on my way to a 3-day silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree, California with my mentor Reverend […]

Are you doubting your niche… your business… your life?

The other day I fell into one of my resistance pockets, this is what I call it when I start resisting EVERYTHING that’s happening. (Yes, everything). I was internally whining about finishing my book proposal, I complained to a friend about a speaking event I have to prepare for at the end of the month, […]

Elizabeth Gilbert taught me to not OVER-Give

My clients tell me it’s their biggest growing edge to say “no” to all the things they have to say “no” to, in order to grow a business and not create another full time energy sucking “job”. SO MANY of us women have tendencies to turn our businesses into a JOB that takes over our […]

Help me Title my New Book??

I want to let you in on a little secret; I’m writing a book for the women around the world who are yearning to discover how to do business while remaining true to their innate women’s values. Will you help by giving me your quick feedback on a title? Here’s a little more about the […]

My Post Ecuador Melt-Down & What I did

This is vulnerable to share but feels important… When I got back from Ecuador a couple weeks ago I had a major stress attack. Despite the free spirit you see in the photo here, I got off the plane only to find out that my landlord was moving back into my ocean view home, and […]

Woven Bay Area Summit

Holy Moly I just had an awesome mountain bike ride with my friend, colleague and best selling Author, Rachel Abrams, she’s up to something so amazing and I want you to join me there… I will be speaking at woven’s San Francisco Bay Area event on September 20 and sharing the stage (and laughing and […]

More Indigenous Business Lessons

One of the things I had the honor of doing while in Ecuador was to help my friend Belen Paez, who is the liason between the Indigenous people of the jungle and the Ecuadorian Government, lay out a business plan for the Jungle Mama’s group to sell their jewelry to raise funds to keep the […]

Why thinking too much can KILL your business

Thinking & figuring out won’t get you very far if you want to have a business that grows fast, spreads like wildfire, reaches your divine right clients (especially if you’re ready to touch a lot of them) and sustains the part of your soul that wants to shine and stretch and FLY. My mentor Reverend […]

Your Business IS the Phoenix Rising from the Flames

Your business message, the thing that you most want to say to the world… the thing that… when you DO say it to the world… will turn heads, win you faithful followers and loyal paying clients… lies deep inside the most painful and most liberating transformation you’ve been through. Your business message IS the Phoenix […]