Why thinking too much can KILL your business

Thinking & figuring out won’t get you very far if you want to have a business that grows fast, spreads like wildfire, reaches your divine right clients (especially if you’re ready to touch a lot of them) and sustains the part of your soul that wants to shine and stretch and FLY. My mentor Reverend […]

Your Business IS the Phoenix Rising from the Flames

Your business message, the thing that you most want to say to the world… the thing that… when you DO say it to the world… will turn heads, win you faithful followers and loyal paying clients… lies deep inside the most painful and most liberating transformation you’ve been through. Your business message IS the Phoenix […]

What I learned (personal): Evolutionary Entrepreneurs ($33K)

I’ve been drinking in the interviews from last week and enjoying connecting with all of you on Facebook about the learning you received… I want to share something personal that rocked my world from leading this series. It’s been a very vulnerable and personal goal of mine to get out of building my business from […]

Video: Your “Womanifesto” for the New Year

Happy 2015! It’s the year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology & we can use this shift along with our Feminine Energy to consciously design our year for 2015. I always take a few days to reflect on what worked & didn’t last year, and spend some time getting clear on what I’m focusing on […]

What to do if nobody comes to your workshop?

So often we avoid doing what we know needs to be done in our business. We procrastinate making the scary phone calls that would actually get us a client, getting the speaking engagement on the calendar, or asking the referral partner to promote us. Want to know how to stop procrastinating once and for all? […]

Grateful for you, here’s why

In this Thanksgiving week, I’m more aware than ever before, that it’s my business that has gotten me through the most difficult past few years of my life. From leaving a 10 year marriage to several pretty intense health scares… my business has been by my side like a dear friend, every step of the […]

How to bring Vulnerability into your Marketing

It’s time that you let down the mask and show the world who you really are. It’s time to be intimate, visible & vulnerable. Your clients will love you for it. I know you know this – That the world needs more vulnerable leaders who aren’t hiding behind a mask and telling the world it’s […]

Is your transformation painful?

If you are birthing a business, you’ve probably found that aspects of the transformation you’re going through are painful.I get it. My business and my transformation have left me sobbing many times. You’re giving birth. You can’t get the “baby out” without labor pains, contractions, and learning a new way of life in order to […]

Your Most Essential Marketing Tool

In a time where “internet overload” boggles our brains, there exists a simple marketing tool that will bring your divine right clients to you every time. It doesn’t require highly complex SEO optimization or advanced HTML code… and the best thing? It’s totally free. It’s your story. That’s right, a life story chosen from your […]

What to do when a client complains

If you serve clients LONG enough and serve ENOUGH clients, you WILL stumble upon an unhappy or complaining client. You can’t please everyone. And, I’ll never forget when it first happened to me several years ago. I lost sleep, got sick to my stomach, and almost quit coaching over a client who blamed me for […]